Sleep Tight Essential Oil 3 pack

  • $39.00

There's nothing better than a full nights sleep.  It's good for your immune system, for your mental health and just an overall feeling of wellness.

Our sleep tight 3 pack is beautifully gift boxed and contains our favourite oils/blends to help you easily relax, unwind and drift off to sleep. 

Lavender, Rosewood, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang combine in this beautifully balanced blend to help you calm the mind .

Sweet Orange:
A popular alternative to Lavender, the sedative properties of Sweet Orange help create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.   

Sweet Dreams:
A favourite for the entire family.  Encourage a full & peaceful nights rest with this soothing blend of essential oils.  Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Jojoba & Roman Chamomile will have your drifting off to sleep in no time. 

To Use:
These oils can all be used on their own, or feel free to combine them!

Add 4-6 drops of essential oil to your diffuser around 1/2 before bed to create a calming atmosphere.

Combine 4 drops of essential oil with a carrier and add to your bath to help relax.

There's nothing like a relaxing massage before bed.  Combine up to 6 drops of essential oil with 10ml of carrier oil for a calming massage blend.

Add a drop of essential oil to your pillow (or teddy bear) before bed.

All these oils are considered safe for kids.  We recommend diffusing only for children under the age of 2.